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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Mobile Phone Plans For WiFi

Posted by Robert Blaker on Apr 27, 2017 12:59:44 PM


If you’re planning using your cell phone plan for your data needs while traveling, you may not be aware of some of the problems that people run into. Here are a few of the issues that you may encounter when using your phone for WiFi while you travel, and how you can avoid them.

Overage Charges

One of the biggest reasons to avoid using a cell phone plan for your WiFi needs when you travel is the possibility of overage charges. Many carriers charge high rates for data that exceeds the amount allotted in a plan. This means that if you’re not aware of your data consumption and you’re using your cell phone data while you travel, you could be charged by the kilobyte for all data exceeding this amount.

Data Throttling

Data throttling is the practice of slowing the speeds of the connections of mobile users. Even with an unlimited data plan, many carriers reduce the speeds available to you after you reach a certain point in your data consumption. This means that your normally fast, reliable data connection is slowed to speeds that make it difficult or impossible to accomplish what you need to with your cell phone connection.

Shared Connection Drawbacks

With some plans, you can allow your phone to act as a WiFi hotspot for other people to connect their devices to. The problem with this is that you will be using much more data and potentially risking a reduction in speeds by your carrier if you’re on an unlimited plan. If you’re not on an unlimited data plan, you will approach your data cap much more quickly or may risk overage charges.

Rent a Mobile Hotspot

 A mobile hotspot can give you the fast, reliable connection that will allow you to travel without worrying about data consumption, data throttling, or even sharing your connection with you travel companions. You can easily connect up to five devices to a mobile hotspot and it is the perfect accessory for your travels.

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