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Finding A Business Wifi Solution For Travel In The US

Posted by Yoko Uchida on Jan 5, 2017 3:48:16 PM


While the US is one of the most connected countries in the world, when you travel for business your time is limited and your needs are specific. American cities generally have a good infrastructure and public WiFi. Many restaurants and cafés provide their guests with WiFi, but those are a wifi solution are more suited for the casual internet user who is sharing photos and staying in touch with family and friends. For more formal use, like a business trip, a more sustainable wifi solution is in order. There are a few options to consider in order to stay on top of urgent emails and communicate with a home office, clients, and vendors.


The most natural solution to business travel connectivity needs may be roaming. You can activate your existing mobile device to use the local US networks. It is a good way to make the occasional phone call, check your email or send an urgent message. But roaming is generally expensive and using it on daily basis for your business needs is not economical. Connecting your mobile phone to your laptop for heavy data tasks will incur charges by the MB. However, roaming is a good option to have when everything else fails.

International SIM Card

A slightly less expensive wifi solution is an international SIM card. There are many providers and maybe your home country mobile operator offers that service as well. You have to keep in mind that here you also pay per minute and per MB. So it is a convenient way to send important messages, but not to stay on the line for long. Also, for heavy data users, access to databases and navigation you will need a connection with better speed and cost efficiency. This is a viable option if you are traveling for an extended period of time and are a light internet user.

Mobile Hotspot

For business trips that last anywhere from a few days to over a week and require constant login into the company cloud, email, and voice communication, you may want to consider a mobile hotspot. You can rent and pay for one by the day or for the duration of your travel. The device connects to the local 4G network and internet speeds are good. You can connect more than one device to it, like your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, or you can share the connection with colleagues. You can carry it with you everywhere and have a reliable connection without depending on location. You can have the device delivered to your home or to your hotel on the day you arrive to your destination. It is a good, sustainable working wifi solution for business travel in the US.

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