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Cost-Effective Tools For Travel Bloggers

Posted by Sophie Joo on May 11, 2017 10:00:00 AM


If you are an aspiring travel blogger, you might want to try some of these items that are sure to come in handy. They could make your life easier, not to mention save money and time.

  1. Travel Smart by Conair


As a travel blogger, you may be constantly moving between countries and continents. One thing that will be worth investing in is a well-working multi-adapter so that you can charge your laptop regardless of what type of electrical outlet plug the country uses. There is a total of 15 different types of plug and outlets around the world. Instead of buying one for each, let this Travel Smart be the solution to your problem. Consisting of multiple plugs, the device lets you switch to different types.


  1. LuminAID


            When you are traveling, you may end up at a place with limited electricity or none at all. When the darkness creeps up on you, use this conveniently light and inflatable lantern to provide yourself with bright and eco-friendly energy saved from a solar panel. You can also easily hang it on your backpack and have it travel with you. This is perfect for some of the nocturnal souls out there who are also hardworking.


  1. TSQ


            During your travels, some of the biggest challenges might be finding Wifi and staying connected to the rest of the world. Pocket wifi devices like Telecomsquare are here to help you. You can preorder the device from your home country before your departure, ensuring that you are connected from the beginning. There are multiple options you can choose from depending on your travel plans. When you get the delivery, you are set to go. Carry it with you and you will have unlimited Wifi wherever you go.


  1. Grayl Ultralight


            Whether you are traveling or not, drinking water is an essential and healthy habit. And, finding clean drinkable water can be more difficult and pricey especially abroad. So, why not get a purifier water bottle that cleans up the water right as you drink it? You do not have to pay for a bottled water. What’s better than saving money and saving the environment?


  1. Anker Astro e1


This small, chic-looking portable charger is here to rescue your dying phone. The small size allows you to carry it around easily and then you will be good for days. It is a perfect companion for when you have to travel a lot and don't always have electricity or a socket nearby to charge your phone.

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