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5 Things You Should Know When Visiting Portland, Oregon

Posted by Nadia Hibri on Jul 27, 2017 10:00:00 AM


Portland, Oregon is one of the most fun destinations in the U.S. The culture of Portland and the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest makes Portland a perfect, unique travel destination. If you're planning a trip to Portland for the first time, you’re probably not entirely sure what to expect. Here are five things you should know.

  1. Rain isn’t the end of the world.
    While it’s true that it does rain a lot in Portland, just because the sky is usually cloudy does not mean constant rain. The weather is normally misty and foggy, rather than the relentless downpour that some people might expect. However, it does rain, so you should be prepared for it. Be sure to bring a waterproof backpack (or waterproof backpack cover), because soaked belongings are a sure way to ruin your time.

  2. Breathtaking beautiful landscapes.
    Portland is a beautiful city, and there are several places you can go to hike and enjoy nature. Some of these include Tryon Creek State Park, Powell Butte, Washington Park, and Woods Park Loop. Always be sure to be safe and only go hiking with other people, and always have your phone in case of an emergency.

  3. Amazing Coffee.
    Portland has to be the number one coffee destination in America. This is due to the sheer volume of micro-roasters and specialty cafes. Some of the best include Sisters Coffee Company, Sterling Coffee Roasters, Courier Coffee Roasters, and Ole Latte Coffee. Even if you don’t visit these specific places, you’re bound to find other coffee shops that you'll love. Good coffee is something you just can’t miss in Portland. For directions, be sure to carry your phone, armed with apps like Beanhunter and Foursquare, which will help you find the best places.

  4. World-Class Books and Libraries.
    Ranked 7th by National Geographic for the World's Most Literary Cities, Portland contains a great selection of bookstores. The most famous of these would be Powell’s City of Books, which is the world's largest independent bookstore. Other great bookstores include Longfellows Books, Broadway Books, and The Booktique.

  5. Prepare for a lot of people watching.
    No, not everyone in Portland is a hipster. Portland contains a very diverse bunch of people, and you’re sure to find many interesting characters on your trip. It is fair to say that the people of Portland collectively love their dogs, their coffee, their bikes, and their brunch. The people are generally super friendly, and watching them is always fun, so prepare for it!

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