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5 Best Backpacking Apps For Urban Exploring

Posted by Nadia Hibri on Jul 21, 2017 3:00:00 PM


So you’ve gotten this urban backpacking trip all planned out. How exciting! You want to make this time the as amazing and fulfilling as it possibly can be. Here are some backpacking apps that will help you do so:


This free and simple app will allow you to explore thousands of beds and private rooms in the areas you are traveling in, as well as view property photos and reviews. The app is free, and helps you book hostels or cheap hotels, which is very convenient for your low backpackers budget.

Cool Cousin:

Unlike your typical, communal look book, this app connects you with locals who share your interests. After this connection, you get you a map of their favorite city spots, and their personalized advice about what to do when you are in the area. This way, you can walk by interesting places, making the most out of your time while backpacking.


this restaurant app will help you decide where to stop for lunch. Instead of your typical restaurant reviews, it includes dish recommendations, and lets you see what fellow footspotters and friends recommend. And most importantly, it shows several pictures of all the food. One thing is for sure -it’ll be hard not to get hungry when using this app.  

My Panda:

Designed after the terrorist attacks in Paris, this app will tell you about the level of security in your area, as well as gives you security alerts. In some destinations, it will even let you see the fastest route to the police station, and gives you the opportunity to call with one screen tap. This app is perfect for staying safe while in a foreign city.


When you’re backpacking through an urban area, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time walking through the city, to and from different destinations. But just getting to your destination is not enough. You want to have a fun time getting there. Based on your interests and itinerary, this app will choose the best route for you, so that when you walk someplace, you’ll see all the things that interest you the most. This way you’ll make the most out of your vacation.

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