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10 Useful Resources For Digital Nomads

Posted by Yoko Uchida on Jan 31, 2017 4:34:54 PM


Many cities are gearing up for digital nomads. Startups are coming with solutions for nomad needs for anything from note taking to housing. Coworking spaces across the globe are consolidating and promoting joint memberships for mobile workers. You choose the freedom of open spaces to the traditional office, but it is important to introduce some structure to your remote workplace. In addition to typical digital nomad gear like a solid backpack, laptop, hard drive, and camera, this set of applications will help you navigate and stay in touch.  Here are a few services that will ease your workflow and online transactions:


World Time Buddy is a free tool that helps you create a dashboard with the different time zones that you are concerned with. You can schedule meetings and get reminders. It is really helpful when you customers are on the other side of the globe and you have to call them.

Momentum is an extension to Chrome that generates an inspirational background every day and allows you to create to-do-lists. It is a simple desktop tool for task organization.

XE Currency is a currency converter that works even if you are offline, using the rate from the last time you had an internet connection. It helps when you need to change currency on the go and want to avoid commissions and inflated rates.

1Password is like a keychain for all your passwords and logins in an online vault accessed by a master password. It is a paid service, but at $2.99 per month, it can be well worth it if you have dozens online accounts. Alternatively, you can store your passwords in a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

Productivity driven

Speedtest.net is indispensable when you are renting a house and want to make sure the internet speed meets your needs. Also if you are sitting to work from a café and you want to make sure the WiFI works well before buying a cup of coffee. It’s a simple but much-needed tool that can save you a lot of frustration.

WeTransfer is a popular service for sending large files and it is free for files for up to 2GB. The upload speed is usually a little better than uploading to the cloud.

Sidekick by Hubspot allows you to see who opens your emails and where. It is free for up to 200 notifications per month and can help you target your email campaigns better.

Asana is a free project management tool that allows you to track productivity, collaborate with your team in a distraction free environment and set tasks and deadlines.


Online banking and Paypal

How are you going to manage your finances across multiple countries? You cannot open bank accounts in all of them only to have to close them in a few months. Paypal is a useful tool and (depending on the nature of your remote work) you may be able to get paid for your work via Paypal. From Paypal, you can buy things online or transfer to your bank account, which is linked to your debit and credit cards. Make sure to set up online banking for your account so you can keep track of your finances. An additional useful tool that integrates with Paypal is Harvest. You can use it to plan transactions and create invoices.

Google Drive, Hangouts, and Docs

If you are already using Gmail, keeping in touch and staying organized using Google’s tools is a good idea. Google Drive serves as a cloud service and enables you to share files integrated with your Gmail account. Google Docs live inside Drive and you can create calendars and spreadsheets that coordinate your work with your team and are also a substitute for MS Office. Google Drive offers a one-stop-shop for everything documents and easy file sharing. Google Hangouts integrates chat, voice and video in once messaging app also via your Gmail account, which makes it simple to stay in touch with your correspondents, be they clients, vendors or friends.